Avery’s House Warming Party

Written By: Karen Deis

A friend of mine, Avery Maxwell, shared this fabulous idea with me.  He throws "house warming parties" for his clients who purchase a home.  This is a fantastic idea for not only thanking his clients for doing business with him—but accumulating thousands of future leads from his past clients.

In fact, he is able to get 1 to 2 closed loans from each and every party, that more than pays for itself.

Karen: I hear that you offer to provide a “House-Warming” Party to all of your clients who close a loan with you. Why?

Avery: The experience of obtaining a mortgage, moving into a new home and getting settled in a new neighborhood is really emotional and most people WANT to hold a house-warming party—but don’t ever seem to find the time. (In fact, when I moved into my home—I never had one for myself!)

Karen: Do you offer the party to ALL of your clients—or just a select few?

Avery: I offer it to all my clients—but not all of them want to hold a party! However, I am able to convince 8 out of 10 clients (who purchased another home) that I will handle all the details, including the food, beverages, invitations and follow up. Their responsibility is to provide me with the guest list.

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