Easy Ways to Connect with Realtors – Part 2

In part one of this series, I talked about how to instantly increase your Realtor email list, what to email to them and how to create an “orphaned Realtor” campaign.  (Here’s the link to read Part 1.)

Okay, now that you have an email list—what can you do to meet with them face-to-face?

Realtor Roundtable Masterminds – If I were to get back into the mortgage business today—this is the one strategy that I would implement immediately.  Francine Freitag has been holding roundtable forums, where an average of 15 agents show up each month—and she gets 5 to 7 referrals after each meeting.  In fact, I’ve interviewed her a couple of times (when she first started, then about a year later) and she spills her guts on exactly what she does to get referrals.  Here's the link to Realtor Roundtable Class - Part 1.  Here's the link to Realtor Roundtable Class - Part 2.

Six Letters in 25 Days Campaign – Think of it this way—meeting a new real estate agent is like interviewing for the “job” to be their loan officer of choice.  That’s what this letter writing campaign is all about!  Identify the real estate agents you would like to meet.  Use the letters – send them over a 25-day time period to target agents YOU want to do business with.

29 Hot Topics for Realtor Meetings – Another question I’m asked on a regular basis is—“Hey Karen, I finally got asked to speak at a Realtor meeting—now what should I talk about?”  What I can tell you is that unless you have a KILLER loan program, don’t talk about loans or rates.  Talk about something that can help them increase their business—or give them a better understanding of the loan approval process.  So, we’ve created a list of 29 topics so you’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to talk about.

I’d love to hear your strategy on how you have connected with real estate agents in the past.  Please post below or comment on www.Facebook.com/mortgagegirlfriends

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