Do You Realize the Impact That You Have on People?

I was thinking the other day about how, helping one family (or single person) buy a home and granting them a mortgage, has a huge impact reaching far beyond the closing of the loan.

What you do as loan officers affects not only the clients, but also future generations.  You already know some of the impact that you have created—building equity and wealth.  Providing a safe environment/shelter.  The pride of homeownership.

But what about the family who built up equity in their home and refinanced it to send their child to college – who then became a teacher and changes the lives of hundreds of children?

Or the parent who was able to move closer to their job, saving commuting time (and money) so they could spend more quality time with their child/children?

Or the couple who have reached retirement age and made enough money from the sale of their home to retire and spend time volunteering in their community—impacting even more lives?

The house you grew up in (regardless of the type of house, mobile home, apartment, homeless shelter) shaped who you are today.

Be proud and know that YOU have changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people by being in the mortgage business.