Declaring a “No News” Day

Yes, the news we get is meant to inform.

However, it can negatively impact you because it focuses on the bad stuff.

And, here’s the thing, there is not a dang thing you can do about the China trade wars.  The statements made by government officials.  Or the recent car crash in Houston.

But, there are good things are happening all the time—but no one is reporting them.

SO, LET’S TAKE A BREAK AND DECLARE THAT ONCE A MONTH—YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THE REGULAR NEWS.  Don’t view it online. Don’t listen to it on the radio or TV.

Let’s say you decide it’s “no news day” the 10th of every month.

Mark it in your calendar.

If you accidentally get a news report, TURN AWAY.

Instead, use this link to read the GOOD NEWS.

Share the good news stories with your co-workers.  Friends.  Social Media.  Email.

Compare your “no news day” to the news you viewed yesterday.

I believe you will be happier and your day will end on a more positive note.