Cyndi’s Favorite Apps to Make Social Media Easier

Here are my top 5 favorite apps to download for your social media and why!

So, girlfriends. We’ve been diving headfirst into social media this month and have successfully covered the importance of utilizing it as well as how to create a strategy and plan your content. Now, want to talk about how you can utilize the technology that rests within the palm of your hand to make it all happen.

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. Whether it be tracking your step count, playing candy crush or home automation, apps are designed to make our lives easier (and more fun!)

When it comes to the app store and selecting the right social media apps to download, there are many options. My favorites that I use regularly to help execute my social media strategy are below.

  1. Hootsuite – this app allows you to connect your social media profiles, plan, and schedule your posts out. It’s super helpful – if not the most helpful scheduling app – to help you stay on top of your postings. No more forgetting to post for a week!
  2. Canva – you don’t have to be an experienced graphic designer to make Canva work for you! This app/website allows you to create personalized posts for your social media that look great! It even offers ready-made templates for you that are sized properly to fit the platform you are posting on.
  3. Pinterest – I absolutely love Pinterest. It gives me so much inspiration for my own personal brand as well as post/content ideas and reminds me of what’s currently on trend.
  4. Social Media Apps – you likely already have one or more of these downloaded on your phone right now. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. Having these apps on your phone help you remain plugged in so you can stay on top of posting and track your notifications/insights on your posts.
  5. Plann – I love this app for Instagram! It helps me rearrange and schedule posts, discover my best times to post, offers a photo editor and more!

What are your favorite apps to use for your social media? We’d love to know what we’re missing! Email me at [email protected] today to fill us in!