Credit Education Classes for the Next Generation

I was a Junior Achievement Advisor for many years.

There were three things that I advocated that every student should know…

                How to balance a checking account

                How to apply for a job

                How to play chess or checkers or cards (think about it).

However, there is one more important—no, critical—thing that both high school and college students should know about—how to obtain credit and maintain a good credit score.

These kids are our next generation of home buyers! 

I was talking with a mortgage girlfriend the other day who has been teaching Credit Education classes to the local high school students.  Some of the kids even took the information home to their parents, who contacted her about increasing their credit scores. 

So, here’s what I’m thinking…

…Consider contacting the local high school.  Junior college.  Trade school.  Your local college – and offer to teach a credit class. 

I’m planning to do one myself!