Creating Newsletters That Sell!

How to make people instantly think of you when they hear the words "loan" or "real estate"...

Keeping in touch with past clients, friends, family, and service providers is one of the more successful ways to make sure that when people hear the word “loan or real estate,” they instantly think of you!

First, let’s define the term “newsletter.” It could be a series of articles, complied in a newsletter format and mailed (US Post Office). It could be an oversized post card with a home improvement tip. It could be informational articles that are sent by email. My suggestion is that you consider all three delivery methods.

Content is king. Don’t turn the articles into a sales pitch. It’s about sharing information that will improve the lives of those you know. The best part — you don’t have to write them yourself (unless you want to). You can hire writers through online sites like or and give them an outline of what you’d like to say.

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