Creating an Awesome Client Experience

I had a doctor’s appointment last week.

Have you noticed recently how the patient “experience” has changed? 

My appointment was at 8:30 am.  I signed in, my insurance card was scanned and I barely sat down when the nurse came out to the waiting room to get me.  I looked at my phone—it was 8:30 am. 

The nurse did a quick review of my health record.  Told me the doctor would be with me in about 10 minutes (hey, that never happens), and after the weigh-in and blood pressure check, the doctor came into the room about 10 minutes later.  (I checked my phone again to make sure.)

When the exam was over, I was scheduled to take some tests.  Not only was the procedure thoroughly explained to me, but I was given an information sheet to read (beforehand) as to what to expect. 

I also had to get a shot.  Another information sheet to read prior to the shot and a detailed explanation from the doctor of the side effects. 

The average patient does not know what to expect, and they went out of their way to explain everything before I even had a chance to ask any questions. 

It’s the same for your borrowers.

SO, here are a few things that you could implement to create an awesome client experience because, remember, you’ve taken hundreds of loan applications—but they MAY experience only 2 of 3 of them in their lifetime.

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