What Your Parents May Have Taught You—but Perhaps You Forget to Remember

1.       When someone tells you a secret — keep it.

2.       Just because you CAN — doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

3.       Don’t get upset with people — they are powerless without your reaction.

4.       It’s never too late — to give an apology.

5.       Don’t REPLY when you are angry.

6.       Don’t DECIDE when you are sad.

7.       If you’ve made your point — shut up.

8.       Admit it — if you are wrong.

9.       Forgive yourself — for your mistakes.

10.   Be a good listener — don’t just wait for your turn to talk.

11.   Keep your WORD.

12.   You are what you do — not what you say. 


What advice did you get from your mother or father?