Comparing Yourself to a Racehorse!

Here’s the thing about the mortgage business — you are always (and I mean always) being compared to someone else.

  • Your competitors
  • Your rates and fees
  • Other loan officer within your company
  • Your production ranking
  • Your income

But it doesn’t stop there…

  • Your siblings
  • Other men and women
  • Athletic ability
  • Your possessions

And of course, I could go on and on!

I read a comment the other day by Marlo Thomas, whose father was a famous comedian.  In trying to start her own career, she found people were always comparing her to her father.  Her father’s advice?

“You are a thoroughbred, and when thoroughbreds run, they wear blinders to keep their eyes focused straight ahead with no distractions from the other horses.  They run their own race.  That’s what you have to do.  Don’t listen to anyone comparing you to anyone else.  Just run your own race.” 

I know it’s hard NOT to compare yourself to others, but I wanted to share this with you so if you ever get frustrated by competition, just put on those blinders (or a tiara) and run your own race!