Awesome Real Estate Agent Rules of Conduct Agreement

I know that some loan officers may want to do business with top real estate agents, but let’s face it (based on my experience), some of them are “divas” and can be a pain in the butt.

And I also know that in order to get leads from real estate agents, their “requirement” is that you provide leads to them, too.

I get that!

But, has this ever happened to you?

A prospect has been referred to you by a friend.

  • They want to get pre-approved.
  • They want to buy a home.
  • They are not affiliated with a real estate agent and ask you for a referral.
  • Then, you find out that the real estate agent you referred did not treat your client the same way you would, OR is rude to you and your staff during the processing of the loan.

While there is no way to totally predict the interactions between the agent, the buyer and you, there is a way to “pre-empt” it by asking them to sign an “Awesome Real Estate Agent Rules of Conduct” Agreement.

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