Are You Waiting Too Long to Fire People?

I talked with him 5 times.  Work not getting done.  Taking too many sick days.  Smart-ass attitude.

I was a believer in human nature and that’s an inherent trait; people are motivated to do the best that they can.

It’s not true!

Some people just want to get by.  Some are simply incapable of doing the job.  Or hate the job but need the money.  (I’m sure you can come up with other reasons, too!)

The reason I am writing this blog is that I have talked with so many mortgage women who have added staff because they need additional help to get the loans closed, but it turns out that throwing bodies at the problem is not the solution.

Here’s the thing.  You are so busy that you don’t WANT to think about firing a loan officer, an assistant, a manager, because you know that you certainly don’t have time to train someone new, right?

Oh, and not to mention that firing someone is painful, gut-wrenching excruciating.

But in your heart, you know it’s the right thing to do.  You relieve yourself of managing a person who is not loyal.  Who is not motivated enough to help you and help themselves succeed.

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If you are considering firing someone, ask yourself this question:

  • Will we (meaning you and other people around you) be in a better place if we didn’t have this person as part of our staff?

If the answer is yes—don’t delay!

It may seem like scorched Earth at the time, but the trees will regrow, and the wildflowers will return.  You will be happier; your energy will return and your business will become what it was meant to be.