Are You Conforming or Non-Conforming? Embrace Your Uniqueness!

In the mortgage business—you must “conform” to a lot of things.

Rules. Regulations. Secondary Marketing. Disclosures. I’m sure you could go on and on.

So, here’s my story.

When I started in the biz, I was taught that it was critical to conform to the norms of the day. Always wear a suit. Heels. Perfect makeup and hair. Get a nice office. Become a manager. And “strictly” fit into the culture of the company.

However, as the years went by, I became a lemming, programed to jump off a cliff if the company wanted me to.

I also realized that adopting the sales and marketing strategies that the company wanted me to adopt was limiting my income—because literally, those strategies were created by corporate people who never had to go out and meet Realtors. Originate a mortgage. Or close a loan.

That’s when I went “non-conforming” and found my voice.

I remember attending a managers’ meeting (about 30 of us) where corporate decided to roll out a new marketing campaign. It was stupid. I decided to speak up. Express my concern as to why it wouldn’t work. A waste of money. And made the audacious claim that if they want to meet with me, I would consult with them and show them how to change the strategy.

At first—they didn’t buy into my suggestions. But when the campaign failed, I was called to help them revamp the idea.

I was scared the first time I decided to speak up—but as my confidence grew, I was the go-to person to critique the new sales strategies.

Here’s the thing. We, as women, try to fit in. But by trying to blend in, we lose some of our uniqueness. Our persona. Here are three things to keep in mind that will help you keep – and enhance – that individuality.

  1. Own your difference. It’s okay to be different. I predict that you will be happier and more productive because you are not trying to live up to the expectations of others.
  2. Don’t try to be all things to everyone. You are authentic. You are who you are.
  3. Question everything – Ask who, what, when, where and especially WHY.

Bottom line.

It’s not about how you blend in, it’s about how you bring your own uniqueness into your career.

Embrace your uniqueness.