Are You a Video Virgin?


Up until a few years ago, I had never considered using video as a way to communicate with the thousands of loan officers and real estate agents I connect with on a monthly basis.  Yeah, I had dabbled in video a little bit…singing happy birthday to my daughter…giving some “motherly advice” to my son…but wow, I thought video was something that only the pros, with expensive equipment and software did.

Oh, and not to mention that I was afraid…

  • Afraid that I had to be perfect.
  • Afraid that I would look stupid.
  • Afraid that I did not look good enough  (You know us girls have to look stunning all the time).
  • Afraid of the editing software

Looking at the excuses above (you may have had the same ones yourself), here’s what I did to get over my fear.

Perfection – Are you perfect in real life?  Do you always say the right things at the right time?  Me neither!  But the beauty of video is that if you don’t get it right the first time, just delete it (or edit it) and start over.  I did about 50 takes with my first videos—some of my mistakes were forgetting to say something I wanted to share, using the “um” word, stuttering, clearing my throat, you name it, I did it.    What I discovered was that it does not have to be perfect…it just has to be good enough!  Because it’s you, talking to your clients, just like you would talk to them face-to-face.

Looking Stupid — You do not have to come across as a “professional”, meaning that if you told a joke, mentioned your family or your favorite hobby, that people would think less of you and not want to do business with you.  Nothing could be further from the truth…they want to do business with real people, who they know and trust, and video is just another way they get to know you on a more personal level.

Your Appearance — I have to admit that this is the one that really stopped me in my tracks.  Most guys don’t worry about looking good on camera.  Women think…will the camera make me look fat? What about make-up? Clothes?  Get over it!  Just like those “glamour shots” that don’t look like you, you want your video to represent what you really look like!

Editing Software You don’t have to do the editing. What I found is that I’m not just that good at it, so I hired someone who loves editing this stuff.

I know there’s so much more to creating an awesome video—like your demeanor, your message, your call to action, learning the editing software.

I’m getting better at it. And you will too.  View the free videos on the monthly mortgage rule updates

I’m not a pro by any means.  But, it’s getting easier.