Are Some Common Traits “Overrated”?

I recently read a blog written by James Clear, where he shared how we often overvalue unimportant things and undervalue the things that make a real difference.

I wanted to share with you (being self-aware) some of the overrated values that some people tend to admire.

Overrated:  Being Busy

Underrated:  Doing One Thing at a Time.  We have mistaken busy activity as an indicator of living an “important” life, or “I must be important because I’m so busy.”  The real value is in finishing one task at a time and moving on to the next one, and the next one and the next one….

Overrated:  Discovering New Things

Underrated:  Mastering the Fundamentals.   We fool ourselves into thinking that a brand new shiny object will solve all our problems.  You don’t need more time, more money or better strategies.  You just need to do the work and master the fundamentals.

Overrated:  Winning

Underrated: Improving.  Learning and incremental improvements are usually underrated in the name of “winning the game” at all costs.  Focus on the process and the winning outcomes will follow.

Overrated:  Degrees, Certifications, Credentials

Underrated:  Creativity  & Common Sense. I don’t want to underestimate the importance of education—however, most educational systems program students and attendees to “think” a certain way—translation:  their way!  Degrees, awards, going to the right schools or being born in the right family are not going to make you successful.  Creativity and common sense are far better traits to nurture.

What other traits do you feel are overrated/underrated?