Are Business Cards Still Effective?

I recently attended a webinar where the presenter said that he thinks business cards are going away. 

However, I totally disagree with him. 

Tom Hopkins (the famous real estate trainer) says to hand out at least 10 cards per day.  That could mean face to face, or it could mean sending your business card in the mail along with a handwritten note.  

He also says that if you personally hand your card to someone, do it with a smile and a short statement to refer to it if they need help or just have a question about mortgages. 

So, if you don’t meet with 10 clients or real estate agents per day, then who else can you hand your business card to? 

Everyone you come in contact with in the course of both your mortgage and personal business.  A store clerk.  Waiter/waitress.  Hair dresser.  Nail salon (including the women sitting to the right and left of your chair).  People you meet while traveling.  Teachers.  Church.  People you volunteer with.  Anyone. 

A friend of mine takes a box of business cards to football games.  She hands them out to everyone sitting next to her. Behind her. In front of her. 

Some people say that the business card is going away because it’s much easier to enter the information into a cell phone database.  Well, they have to get the info from somewhere, and it’s much easier to hand them the card so they can enter it into their phone contacts. 

And yes, some people will throw them away. But, many will keep your card.  It helps them remember that you are in the mortgage business.

I have a couple more recommendations for you. 

People remember faces better than they do names, so I suggest you include your picture. 

Make use of the back side of the card.  Many include the list of documents needed for a loan application.  Nowadays, there simply is not enough room for that list.  Instead, include a short bio about yourself or a marketing statement that will make them remember you.

Question:  What do you have on the back of your business card?