Is There a Financial Doctor in the House? A System to Help Your Clients Become Financially Fit!

Written By: Karen Deis, Publisher

The question loan officers usually ask themselves just about now is, "Self, what am I going to do to top my income and production numbers from last year?"

Some of the most successful loan officers I know start their marketing RIGHT NOW!

They get back in touch with their past clients by preparing to send out a FINANCIAL FITNESS LETTER and FORM (like an annual physical) so it’s ready to be mailed, or emailed, the second week in January.

Just like a doctor – they position themselves as their client's financial "physician."

Here is what should be included in the marketing campaign:

  1. Cover letter explaining that you are their financial doctor (Continue reading to download!)
  2. Financial Fitness Form for them to complete (Continue reading to download!)
  3. Offer of a free copy of their credit report.
    This is sent to ALL of your previous clients. If they have closed a loan with you this year, I recommend that you also include the following documents:
  4. Copy of Closing Statement (HUD 1) IRS Bulletin on Deductibility of Mortgage Points (found at:
  5. Three names and phone numbers of your preferred tax advisors.

Just think what is happening here! The people who return the form to you have raised their hands and said to you, "Hey, I think I might need some help with my finances again, and I am sending you this information to see if you can help me." THIS IS YOUR FUTURE SOURCE OF LEADS, folks.

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