Which One Are You? Ruby? Eleanor? Or Ingrid?

There are basically three types of learners –

  • Ruby the Reader
  • Eleanor the Enthusiastic
  • Ingrid the Implementer

Rudy the Reader:  She will read everything.  The loan programs. The reports.  Blogs.  A walking Trivial Pursuit player.   She will “know” everything about everything—but won’t have actually DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT.   While she has all of this knowledge, she hasn’t made any changes to her business and continually wonders why she is so smart (which she is) but it does not translate into closed loans.

Eleanor the Enthusiastic:  She signs up for programs.  Buys books.  Downloads manuals.  Thinking that just the ACT of doing it will solve everything.  However, she barely opens the books or reads about the programs and wonders why absolutely nothing changes in her business.

Ingrid the Implementer:  She actually reads and takes time to understand the information that she read.  She implements strategies from the seminar she attended.  Prints out the materials.  Highlights important information and makes a list of things that she needs to do.  And she figures out how she can incorporate it into her business.

I’m not judging anyone!  I just wanted to point out the differences between those that do and those that don’t and wonder why nothing ever changes. 

Which one are you, and how can I help you?


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