A Must Do List versus a To Do List

The holidays are crazy.

So much to do.  Very little time.

And you still have a mortgage business to run. 

Most women that I know have a “to-do list”.  Written. On your phone. In your head. 

So, have you considered changing your thinking and create a MUST DO LIST instead? 

Here’s the thing.  To-do lists are holding you back from doing what’s most important.

Most of the things on a to-do list are not important.  Or are not critical to accomplish in the everyday scheme of things.  Some of them may fall into the category of “would like to do”.   And others don’t even matter. 

Now, a must-do list are the critical things that you HAVE to do (emphasis on the “have to”) in order to promote your business.  To keep in touch with realtors and clients.  To get those loans closed.  Celebrate an important birthday.  Attend your child’s baseball game.  Things that will MATTER in the future. 

By having a must-do list, it will help you be more productive because you are only focusing on a few things at time and your brain is not clogged by things that don’t matter. 

I’m not advocating that you get rid of your to-do list.  Only that you prioritize and work on that list when you have to time.  And if you can’t get it done, don’t worry about it.  Just cross it off your list and go on with your business and your life.