A Big Decision


You need to make an important decision.

You are being recruited by another mortgage company. 

You need to implement a much-needed way to generate more leads, but have to spend some money to do it.

You need to hire an assistant because you have more business than you can say grace over. 

Or, it could be losing weight.  Starting an exercise routine.  Going back to college.

Block some quiet time to answer these questions: 

  • What do I need to give up if you make this decision?
  • How will I allocate the time needed to implement the decision?
  • Why is this decision so important to me?
  • What steps do I need to take to implement it?

Then SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS with your trusted circle of friends. 

There are 2 reasons for doing so:

  1. They will help you see the “holes” in your decision.  Think of it as constructive criticism.  If they see problem or issues with your decision, chances are somewhere down the road, you will experience the problems too. 
  2. They can be your “inspiration” and “encouragement”.  People care about you.  Most people WANT you to succeed.  You have shared your thoughts, and they know the struggle you are having with the decision you need to make.  If you surround yourself with positive people, they are the ones most likely to give you the encouragement you need. 

Also realize that making NO DECISION is also a decision.  After all is said and done and you have decided not to go forward with it—or something in your life has changed that the implementation is no longer feasible—don’t beat yourself up over it. 

Consider it the stepping stones to asking better questions in the future.