7 Ways to Save Yourself Some Time: Choose 3!

Dang.  If I had a nickel for every time I hear “I wish I had more time,” I’d have to move to another tax bracket! 

In addition to working full time (in the mortgage biz, it’s always more than 40 hours),  women take on more of the responsibility for tasks around the home, so I wanted to share seven ways to save yourself about 10 hours per week by hiring others to help you. 

But wait!  I know you might be saying to yourself, “I can’t afford it.” 

Well, here’s my simple way of determining if it’s worth it to hire someone.

Determine how many hours you work per week. 

What’s your year-to-date income through June 30, 2015?

 Here’s the math part: (Example)

$75,000 YTD Income Ending June 30, 2015 equals 26 weeks. 

$75,000 divided by 26 weeks = $2,884 per week divided by 60 hours = $48 hour

Now, let’s say by using just 3 of the 7 timesavers below, you save 10 hours per week.

$75,000 divided by 26 weeks = $2,884 per week divided by 50 hours = $58.00 hour

Your average hourly income increases by $10 per hour, you save 10 hours per week, that’s $100  to spend per week. 

Here are the seven timesavers that I use now—and have used in the past!

  1. Hire a cleaning person
  2. Have your dry cleaning picked up and delivered to your office (home)
  3. Double your recipes and freeze extra meals
  4. Have your mani-pedi technician come to your office
  5. Hire a lawn service
  6. Have your oil changed in your parking lot (or home)
  7. Have your groceries delivered

Favor:  Please post which 3 you would consider using or which ones you are using now to save time!