7 Ways to Make Your Blogs and Videos Less Boring

1. How I Solved a Problem. This is the type of content where you set yourself up as the expert. You helped someone solve a problem, got a client approved, and helped a real estate agent sell a home. This has a huge potential for people “sharing” your video or blog article because others may have had the same problem — and you are the loan officer with the solution.

2. Another “Expert’s” Article/Video. This is considered a “guest” post or video “sharing” and can be a great way to gain followers – especially if it relates to your personal beliefs about business and life. Be sure to make your own comments about why people should read/listen to it and how it personally affected you.

3. How-To-Do-It. These are where you teach people how to do something that will make their lives easier, save them money, and save them time…

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