5 ways to Love your Referral Partners + another FREE BRUNCH & LEARN

Here are a few (compliant) ways to show a little “extra love” to your referral partners this month.

Hey girlfriends! Can you believe February – the month of love and relationships – is here?

We are so excited to focus on nurturing relationships this month, starting with one of the most important of all. The relationships between you and your referral partners!

If you let your business relationships fall by the wayside over the course of the holiday season and start of the new year, now is the time to reconnect and remind your partners just how much you care.

Here are a few (compliant) ways to show a little “extra love” to your referral partners this month.

-Send a Handwritten Card

Taking the time to write a handwritten note or card is one of the easiest and kindest gestures you can do. Take a minute to pick out a card and write a few words of thanks and well wishes and send it off with love.

-Help Promote them on Social Media

Another easy way to show your partners some love is to help promote them on social media! Share open house links or reshare some of their content onto your own pages/stories to give them a shoutout.

-Schedule some Facetime

The coronavirus pandemic put a lot on hold for all of us, including face to face meetings. After months of quarantine, it may be a good time to schedule some facetime with your partners to reconnect and check in. This could be done over Facetime, Zoom or even a socially distanced face-to-face meeting at a coffee shop or restaurant.

-Offer Free Consultations for Clients

It never hurts to remind your contacts that you are always available for a consultation or a quick preapproval whenever needed. It may also help to do a quick refresher with them on what you offer (loan programs, down payment assistance, current rates, etc.) and why you’re the best in the business to work with (testimonials, last year numbers, etc.)

-Send Them a Cup of Coffee

While there’s a fine line with staying compliant and sending gifts to referral partners, sending a small amount (under $25) in a gift card for a cup of coffee is a great way to show them some love! If your referral partners are in the office, you could even do a classic “realtor pop-by” with some little valentine’s day treats!

We hope these ideas help you better nurture your important relationships with referral partners.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog and newsletter where we will next go over ways to show love to your clients!

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