3 Ways to Tame the Time-Management Dragon

Someday Never

Now, I have met some phenomenal, almost superhuman time-management gurus, but what I have found is that most of the population simply cannot envision themselves as ever being as well organized, as calendar-savvy or even as THAT interested as these time-management-loving types seem to be. And here’s the thing…if you can’t envision it, you won’t connect with it – and if you can’t connect with it, you’ll likely stick it in your “Someday Never” folder!

Time management does not have to be the three-headed monster that you may have been imagining, nor do you need to become a calendar junkie to see some positive movement in your level of efficiency and effectiveness every day. Let’s play the “What if” game. Ask yourself the following “What if” questions and then immediately envision the results in your mind before moving on to the next one:

  • What if I knew my weeks would end with more victories?
  • What if I felt in control and focused every day?

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