Why would someone pick you?

“I’m not always interesting, but when I am, I’m awesome!”

If you say great rates, low closing costs and awesome customer service, weeeellllll, that’s what every other loan officer claims too!

What people really want to know is: what’s different about you as opposed to everyone else out there!

And you’ve got to let them know as early in the conversation as you can!

My daughter was thinking of refinancing her home.  She’s not able to make (or receive) many phone calls at work, so of course, as a good “mortgage mama”, I volunteered to make the phone calls for her.

Betsy lives in a small town in North Dakota and gave me the phone numbers of 5 banks and mortgage companies.  Out of 5 phone calls, I talked to 4 loan officers personally.  One LO was supposed to call me back (never did) and the other three quoted me rates and hung up the phone. (Yep, did not even ask my name or offer to email me something.)

Maybe they were too busy.  Maybe they didn’t want her business.  Or maybe they just didn’t know how to “sell themselves” over the phone. (I’m thinking it’s this one.)

So, what makes you different than your competitors?  Only YOU can answer that question.

But I’ve got a little help for you here from my good friend, Doug Smith and the class we’ve just recorded, The Competitive Edge.

I think this class is soooo IMPORTANT, that we have posted it so every woman can view it.  It will help you discover your unique talents.  What you bring to the mortgage game that is different and unique.  Oh, and how you can let people know how wonderful and great you really are!