Why Consumer Direct Marketing is More Important than Ever Before

Are you making yourself crazy with all the compliance rules about working/paying to help real estate agents market themselves?

At the recent Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat, Tammy Butler talked about the different investigations and fines being levied by the CFBP when it comes to paying real estate agents’ marketing.

Her suggestion?

Start marketing to consumers!

  • You get the leads. 
  • You refer the leads.
  • You save money and comply with the rules. 

I wanted to share with diva members, a link to the articles we have written on how to get business directly from consumers so YOU can refer them to 3 real estate agents. 

Visit here to view the list!

Here are a few that immediately show up when you visit the link, but there are a ton of them for you to review: 

  • Holding a seminar for women investing in real estate
  • Employee Benefits program video
  • 3 strategies to get seller leads.

And diva members, if you’d like to set up a complimentary strategy call to discuss your options, just send me a quick email ([email protected]) about which ones you’d like to talk about and we can make it happen.