Who Said It Won’t Work?

Over the past few weeks, I have had diva strategy calls with 7 mortgage women.  We talked about business plans and marketing ideas for 2018.

Here’s the thing. 

Three of them told me that they shared their ideas with their managers and were told, “Don’t waste your time—it will never work.”  Or, “We tried that before and it was a huge failure.” 

What shocked me was that it was almost half of the women I talked with. 

Then I realized that this is probably happening to more mortgage women than I could have ever imagined. So I posted the question on Facebook and yes, it’s a common issue that I would like to talk about  here. 

WHO:  Is the source “credible” – meaning, have they implemented the ideas themselves?  Or did they just hear about it from a loan officer who knew another loan officer who tried the strategy? 

WHAT:  Exactly what did they do?  And, I mean step-by-step with examples of what they did.  You may learn what to “add” to the idea, modify or eliminate some of the steps. 

WHEN:  When did they try to implement it?  Was it two years ago?  Eight years?  An economic slowdown in your area?  A weather-related issue (i.e., big snow storm)?

WHERE:  If it was an event for Realtors, was it in a convenient location?  Was it held at a neutral location? Should you change venue to make it more accessible?

WHY:  The most important question of all—why did it fail?  Why won’t it work?  What were the results, and what results did you expect? 

Then the final follow up question:  What would you have done differently? 

If the person is not able to answer ALL of these questions—don’t take their advice. 

But be sure you thoroughly vet your marketing idea by asking yourself…

Who. What. When. Where. How. Why.