What’s “Trending” Now…

The movie Avengers has made $600M+ worldwide.

Another movie, Lone Ranger, will be out next year with Johnnie Depp playing Tonto! (Sigh!)

Go to any upscale restaurant and you’ll find gourmet Mac & Cheese and Meatloaf on the menu.

And, I just got a hand-written thank you note (yes, in the mail) from Chico’s – I just purchased a pair of red, skinny jeans!

What’s “trending” now? I believe it’s – What’s “old” is “new” again – it’s back to basics!

I bring this up because I see the same thing happening in the mortgage industry – especially talking with over 20 mortgage DIVA members over the last few weeks. They are on the radio. Writing articles. Sending more newsletters to both real estate agents and past clients (and using real postage stamps). They are joining associations. Holding agent sales meetings. Networking. Branding themselves. I can’t wait to share some of their strategies with you…but in the meantime, here’s a question for you:

What marketing have you done in the past, that has been successful, that you can pull out of the drawer and use all over again?

We’d love to hear your response – please post below “what’s new again” for you!