What You Need to Know About the Art of Precious Scars

I recently viewed a news segment on the Japanese practice of

KINTSUGI – meaning that broken objects are not something to hide or throw away, but to display with pride.

So, here’s the short version. 

When a bowl, vase or treasured ceramic piece falls to the ground and breaks into many pieces, most people would get upset and regretfully throw it away. 

However, the Kintsugi practice is to add value to the broken object by repairing the cracks with precious metals which in turn enhances the value of the piece.   The artist joins the pieces together and the irregular patterns enhance the object – which makes each repaired piece UNIQUE. 

How does this practice translate to your life and your business? 

When something personal happens to you, the breaks and shattered pieces should not be forgotten, because that’s what make you unique (your experiences). 

When a traumatic event occurs, piece it back together in a positive way and learn from the negative experiences.

Each broken piece represents an experience. 

And always remember that YOU are a work of art!