What Women do to Leap from Mediocre to Magnificent in Their Mortgage Practice

An Interview with:Victoria Del Frate

Class Length: 36-minutes

Okay, so what's the difference between a mediocre loan officer and a magnificent one?

Not much!

In fact, just some really minor tweaks are all it takes!

So, I am thrilled that Victoria Del Frate (a mortgage business coach who coaches some of the top LOs in the industry) has agreed to share some of the little tweaks you can make in your business - and I'm telling you, it's nothing earth shattering here. But then again, it really opens your eyes to the little things you can do that make a difference in your business.

  • Six little tweaks that will get you BIG results.
  • Why YOU need to take care of YOU
  • How to kick up your heels and find your authentic "self"
  • How your family and friends can help you to be more awesome than you already are
  • Free Download after class: Action! Memory Jogger
  • Free Download after class: Success Quadrants

See why this class is not about "better marketing" - it's about having a better life!

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