What Should be on Your “To Don’t List”!

If you talk to any woman and ask her about her “To Do List”, I’d bet she would tell you exactly what’s on it!

However, what women ALSO NEED is a “To Don’t List” or things that we should STOP doing that wastes time and costs money.

  • Don’t work with unmotivated clients
  • Don’t work with people who waste our time
  • Don’t work with clients you dislike
  • Don’t let a Realtor “choose” you
  • Don’t hang around negative people
  • Don’t operate your business without a plan
  • Don’t overlook other niche markets

In my “unofficial” poll, I found that out of the 7 things listed, women do at least 3 of them!

So, what would YOU add to this “To Don’t List”? Post your comments below!