What I Learned from my Hike to Red Mountain

Every year, I try to take some time off to read, write and reflect on my business.

This year, I spent my personal “retreat” in St. George, Utah. 

The beginning of the path was easy peasy.  However, about a quarter of a mile into the hike, this is what it looked like…

Rocks, boulders, muddy red clay (and it was uphill both ways). I was going to write about how you may think the path is easy (at first), but as you climb further up the mountain, things get harder.  Each boulder symbolizes a challenge.  An uphill battle, until you reach the top.    Whew!

But then, I started to stare at the path ahead of me.    I noticed footprints from previous hikers who had created an easier-to-maneuver path round the rocks and boulders.  The path of least resistance.  Why climb those rocks when I can follow them and make my climb easier?  

The moral of my hike is to take some time to look where you are going.  See where others have traveled.  Learn how they navigated the mountain.  Learn from those who went before you and you’ll find its an easier path to success. 

That’s what being a member of MortgageGirlfriends.com is all about.  Learning from other women who have “hiked” before you.  Lending each other a hand.