What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

I just read an article about “color”—how it influences your mood or how it can boost your confidence.  Color can add excitement to a dull day.  It also influences others.  In meetings.  In interviews.  Or when you give a presentation.

So check out your closet.  What’s the “majority” color that you wear?  Then read this short description of how color affects you and others!

Red – You are not afraid to stand out and get attention.  It suggests that you are ambitious.  Red is associated with “desire” so it not only makes people more attracted to you, but you ALSO feel more attractive wearing red.

White – You are a well-balanced individual but, depending on your skin color, it tends to “wash out your features.”  It’s the color of innocence (think wedding dress) and should be worn with other colors.

Yellow – It says that you are fun, lively, active and interesting.  Wear yellow if you need to boost your mood.

Purple – That color suggests that you are sensitive and compassionate, with deep feelings for others.  Purple can increase your creativity and your thinking process.

Pink – This color says you are affectionate and loving; sympathetic and understanding.  Not really a color to wear for business—but outside of business it’s perfectly fine.

Blue – It’s generally considered the color of success, loyalty and authority.  Navy blue indicates that you are trustworthy yet powerful.

Green – This color means energy if it complements your skin tone.  However, there are shades of green that make you look sickly.  Green usually represents nature and is considered soothing and refreshing.

Orange – This is a really bold color and not everyone can wear it.  It means that you are optimistic, energized and spontaneous.  It can also mean that you are impatient

Brown It’s the color of the Earth.  Light brown says you are genuine.  Dark brown says you are strong.  Men are more apt to wear brown than women.

Black – Many women like black because it goes with everything.  But wearing all black, without accents, can mean that you come across as strong-willed and disciplined, but inflexible.

I don’t know about you, but I think animal prints should be a color. I could not find anything about how wearing that pattern affects your mood.  I supposed it’s a mix of the colors mentioned above (white and black, orange and black, orange and white, etc.). However, I can tell you that I feel fabulous wearing an animal print jacket or accessory!

So, what are the predominant colors that you wear?  Facebook.com/MortgageGirlfriends