What Does She Have to Lose?

So, recently, I had a coaching call with a mortgage girlfriend who has been in the business for about 18 months.  When she was hired, she was told that it might take that length of time to build up her pipeline.  That she would get help with marketing and coaching.

Does that sound familiar?

Here’s the thing – she IS closing a couple of loans a month.  But, she wants to close at least 5 loans on a monthly basis, and has been asking her manager for help on how to get to that next level.

The manager sets up meetings with her—then cancels at the last minute—always some crisis that has to be handled!

She wants to go over the manager’s head – but is afraid of “starting trouble”.

She has asked for financial help to get some outside training or coaching.  She was told it was not in the budget.

She feels sorry for herself.

Here’s the thing.  She does not need to work in an environment where she is not being supported to succeed.

Bravery is the word that comes to mind here.

If the manager won’t meet with you or does not promise to help you out, write an email or letter explaining what you need; what you expect; what your goals are.   Go over the manager’s head if things don’t change!  Stop feeling sorry and take control.  If all else fails, switch companies.

So, what else would you advise her to do?