We Must Market Ourselves: Janice Szur

Girlfriends – In addition to sales we must market ourselves. 
Sales is the process of closing the deal once you have a qualified prospect.  However, you need to find the qualified prospects through lead generation. Marketing focuses on promotion and education and finding your target audience.  
Your company may do some large-scale marketing like commercials, billboards, or sponsorships. This will help with brand awareness; however, you need to market yourself and find less expensive ways to focus on you.  Below are some tips and you can adapt for both referral partners and borrowers. 
  1. Keep customers informed and excited by social media pages, a personal website, blogs, or webinars. 
  2. Produce a newsletter that includes some personal information about you, any new markets you can serve, along with success and unusual loans you have closed.
  3. Make sure your business is listed and optimized with a Google My Business Account. Include as many details as possible, including address, phone number, and operating hours. 

Guest written by Janice Szur

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