Top Habits Of Successful Loan Officers

Girlfriends – Follow the top habits of successful loan officers

We know what the successful people do in all industries, but what good habits do loan officers have?

First and foremost, determine your goals, make them achievable, yet have a bit of stretch to them and when you would like to accomplish them. Most importantly write them down. Break them down into one year and five-year goals. Visualize everything you want in your life and write it down. Break your five-year plan into annual steps. Then break that down into quarterly, monthly, and daily goals.

Make each step meaningful and measurable. If you haven’t written out goals before then take it a step at a time. Start today and take a single sheet of paper and write on it “5-year goals” at the top and write one thing on it and do this daily until you can’t think of anymore. Then start by putting down how much you think it will cost to achieve each goal. Keep all your goals on there, even if they feel out of reach. Once you have this list you can prioritize them and break them into annual goals.

A successful loan officer will start by working their sphere of influence. These are your existing friends, family, and personal contacts. They can be the easiest deals to close. Besides who wants to find out that your best friend’s mom financed with the guy in the next office because she didn’t know you were in the business. Of course, the exception is he did her old home loan and has already proven to be good.

Always add more value than they take. It is a simple math solution for loan officers. Make sure you convey the thousands of dollars you are saving them over the next few years. You can also include that in your annual loan anniversary email.

Taking out a loan can be a terrifying process. Make it as smooth as possible by explaining all the critical details they need to know. Make sure you disclose all the fees and be prepared to explain what each is for and how it compares. Transparency is crucial in developing a positive relationship.

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