The Top Classes, Articles and Downloads for 2014

I was amazed!

In addition to the Mortgage Girlfriends Mastermind Retreat with 44 awesome women, we published over 90 articles, classes, client/Realtor ghost-written articles and a multitude of downloads, in 2014.  All content accessible to our VIP MEMBERS!  (Learn more about member benefits & check out our membership options!)

I wanted to share with you the TOP FIVE most read, in each category, in case you missed them or want to go back and re-read them and incorporate some of the ideas in your 2015 business plan!

Top 5 Classes

    • No Shiny Objects – Marketing Beyond the Closing


    • Marketing to Divorce Attorneys


    • How to Read Tax Returns (2013)


    • RESPA Section 8 Kickback Rules Revisited


  • Spending Money to Make Money

Top 5 Downloads

    • Courage to Commit Worksheet


    • Five Scripts to Respond to Routine Objections from Clients & Realtors


    • Why LO’s Change Companies – Interview and Evaluation Checklist



Top 5 Articles

    • Testimonials on Steroids


    • 7 Tips for Building Your Database From Scratch


    • 20 Topics to Talk About At Home Buyer Seminars


    • How to Answer 14 Common Questions Clients Ask You About Mortgages


  • 18 Things to Watch Out for When Negotiating an Employment Contract

Top Shopping Mall Products


We hope that 2015 is your best year ever in the mortgage business!