The 5 Signs of Emotional Intelligence

I recently read a blog on “emotional intelligence.”

It’s described as “the ability to notice emotional clues and use it to guide your behavior and the behavior of others.”

While the article was fairly generic, I starting to think about how women are more emotionally intelligent than men (well, most of the time)—especially when it comes to working with clients, real estate agents and fellow employees.

This is NOT the be-all-end-all description of emotional intelligence; it’s a guide for you to determine if you use a few of these traits yourself.

  • Being “Curious” – You meet complete strangers (borrowers) and by the time you’ve completed the loan application, you know their life history and that of their family.  It’s because you ask questions and then follow up with other questions, because inquiring minds REALLY want to know.  Curious people tend to be more “empathetic.”
  • Being “Self-Aware” – Not only do you recognize body language and verbal intonations; you are also self-aware as to how you react to them.  How do you react when someone is upset?  Sad?  Happy?
  • Being “Self-Motivated” – An emotionally intelligent women gets her kicks more from meeting goals and accomplishments than from getting outside rewards, bonuses or promotions.  She looks at the big picture and how it’s going to affect everyone she works with.
  • Being “Well-Liked” – Not everyone will like you.  What is meant by this is that you may not be popular, but the people who like you, REALLY like you (or respect you) because you have people skills and they enjoy working with you.
  • Being “Empathetic” – Empathy is understanding someone else’s point of view. You don’t judge.  You listen and try to understand where they are coming from by asking questions (see #1).

Oh, and you may want to use these 5 signs to recognize emotional intelligence in others so when meeting a new Realtor or client, you can make more of an emotional connection with them too.