Starting Your Day like a Type-A Personality!

Seriously, I’m a Type-a personality, but I’m not really a morning person!

When I get into my office by 7:30 am, I know that I can get so much more work done than I ever thought possible.

I just wanted to share with you some of things that I do (from 7:30 to 10 am) that might make your work day a little easier.

Get into the groove: Before going to bed, print out your calendar and look at your to-do list. Either the night before or on your way to the office, imagine what your day is going to look like.  Try to work yourself into a good mood by wearing your favorite shoes, or treating yourself to a latte, or listen to your favorite music.

Focus on critical emails: Not all of them have to be answered right away.  Forward other emails to co-workers who would be responsible for helping out your client, staff, title reps or real estate agents.  Don’t check your email again until 11 am.

First things first: Look at your to-do list and pick one or two things that you have been procrastinating about.  It’s usually the little things that make you crazy because they’re always on your plate – things like your expense report or your marketing email content to your real estate agents – or it may just be cleaning off the top of your desk.

What REALLY needs to get done today:  Identify two things that make you sick to your stomach by not taking care of them.  It could be a phone call to a client/real estate agent to break some bad news.  Decide that you will take care of these tasks by 11 am or you’ll ruin your lunch!

Focus, focus, focus:  Resist the urge to text a friend, place an online order, or call someone “just because the thought popped into your head” and you think you won’t remember to do so later.  Keep a piece of paper next to your phone to jot down non-urgent personal to-do’s.  The only interruptions to your morning workflow should be things you can’t control—like something stopping by to see you.

So, what do you do first when you arrive at your office every morning?