Spending Money to Make Money

Class Length: 20-minutes
Featured Presenter: Victoria (Del Frate) Fifield

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  • How much money are you spending to promote yourself—I don’t mean “promoting” the company you work for—I mean YOU?
  • How much money are you spending to make your mortgage business run more smoothly?
  • How much time are you investing in attending events, education classes and seminars?

When you’ve got a family to support and bills to pay, it can be a major decision to decide to invest in  yourself and your business.

Here’s the thing—men tend to invest in themselves (more than women do) by attending seminars, CRM systems, assistants and marketing strategies.  For some reason, women say “I don’t have the time or the money right now” without a thought of how they could re-allocate their time and dollars to make even MORE money or carve out time for family and friends.

This class covers four, self-investment strategies for you to consider. And members can download a 5-page worksheet, Magnificent Business Women Spend Money, with 20 other self-investment opportunities for you to consider.

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