Six Steps to Handling Sales Objections

The sales objection that frustrates most loan officers is: “I want to think it over”or “I’ll get back to you.”

It’s not necessarily that they object. It could be that they just don’t have enough information to make a decision as to why they need to work with you (versus the loan officer down the street). In fact, if you get a comment like those mentioned, it may be because your sales presentation is unconvincing or lacking vital information.

You may think of “objections” as a bad thing. But if a prospect raises an objection, it’s actually a good thing because they are, in effect, telling you what their issues might be and it gives you a chance to answer them. In fact, if someone is not interested in working with you, you can sense that right away because they won’t even bother to object or talk with you about any concerns they might have.

Here are six steps to handling sales objections

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