Plan Your Business for 2023

Girlfriends, Is your Business Plan ready for 2023?

Here are six steps to building a successful business plan:

  1. Set your goals and business objectives. If you want to flourish and achieve your goals, you must write them down.  You can use the SMART method.  SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.  
    1. Specific – It is important to be as specific as possible. For example, you want to say I want to increase my closings in the first quarter from 30 to 45.  
    2. Measurable – If you can’t determine whether you achieved it, then you do not have a goal.  Your specific goal said you wanted to increase your closed loans to 45 for the first quarter.  This is very quantifiable, either you did, or you didn’t. 
    3. Achievable – If you make goals that are unrealistic you will only get frustrated and quit. It is okay to stretch and reach for the next level but keep it in perspective.  If you only had 5 loans last quarter and now you want to increase it to 45, do you really think you can achieve that unless you are hiring people to do so?  Goals also don’t have to be just getting more loans, you can have goals that create a more effective marketing plan, add additional staff, or create a new and unique personal brand. 
    4. Relevant – Just make sure it is something you want to accomplish. Do you really want to increase your closed loan count to 45 per quarter?  Will this cause you to give up on your personal life or work so many hours you become a different person?
    5. Time-bound – In addition to being measurable you need to have a time limit on when you want to accomplish the goal, otherwise, you will procrastinate forever.
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