Never underestimate the power of a hissy fit!

If you’ve ever had the lovely experience of your child lying down in the middle of the aisle in the grocery store and screaming her lungs out, I would bet that you did everything in your power to get her to stop it.

As we get older, we learn that this behavior is no longer acceptable.  A hissy fit simply won’t work with mortgage underwriters.  It won’t work with the IRS either.

But, it can be useful in certain circumstances.

A mortgage company I worked for wanted the loan officers to attend a mortgage conference.   What I ultimately learned was that the company paid the registration fee (up front) for the “guys” to attend, but for the women LO’s?  We were told that we have to pay the registration fee upfront ourselves, and we would eventually be reimbursed!

Hissy Fit Time!

Or the time a teacher gave an F grade to my son for his car design in CAD class because his father is an engineer. The teacher claimed he “had an unfair advantage” over the other kids because of his father’s education.

Hissy fit time – and Matt got an A instead!

As women, we’ve got to pick our battles!  However, I believe that just like the child in the grocery store, there are times that we have to stick up for ourselves.  What we believe in.  Because it may be the only way you get “heard.”

Do you have a hissy fit story you’d like to share?


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