My Story: Including Your Family in Your Business Planning Sessions

When my children reached the age of 6, we spent around four hours each New Year’s Eve planning what we were going to do as a family the following year. 

We discussed where to take the next vacation.  Family reunions.  Upcoming family/friends’ weddings.  School trips. 

That took an hour or so. 

However, the rest of time was spent planning what THEY wanted to do personally—and yes, even at 6 years old they had definite ideas of what they wanted to do.

Go camping with Grandma.  Ask friends to stay over.  Join/stay on the volleyball team.  Take horseback riding lessons.  Read more books.  And one year, my daughter decided to “end a friendship” with a girlfriend because she was a bully. 

This was their time to figure out what was important to them. 

My husband and I also shared our plans for the coming year and what was important to us. 

The point of the story is that the older my children got, the more focused and detailed their plans and resolutions became.  We wrote them down and reviewed what was accomplished the previous year.

 I tell that story because too many loan officers work and slave all hours of the day and night, and factor in “family” AFTER taking care of business. 

That used to be me, too! 

So, here’s what I changed…

…when it came time for my business planning gathering with my staff, I plugged in the family activities and events first! 

After all, regardless of what happens in your business and your life, you’ll always have family!