My Rant on Why You Don’t Need to be the Top Producer (VIP Digest)

I want to rant here. I am getting sick and tired of the coaches.  The seminars. The podcasts and blogs about how to become the #1 loan officer in your company.  In your community. In your office.

Why?  There can only be one #1—so does that mean that the rest of the loan officers suck?

Then we have the Top Producer category. If you can’t be number one, then you need to be a top producer (whatever that means).

I find that when a loan officer focuses on becoming a top producer, they also complain about starting their day at 7 am and not leaving the office until 8 pm.  Or not having enough time to spend with family.  Or are so stressed that bad habits of not eating healthy and drinking too much kick in.

The “job” should not come first at the “expense” of what’s really important in our life.

I applaud the loan officer who closed $5M last year.  Spent time with their family.  Paid off their bills. Took a vacation.

If you are a member of Mortgage Girlfriends, you know that the diva strategy calls are all about life balance AND how your job complements your life.  If you haven’t requested your one-on-one coaching in a while, email [email protected].

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Where else can you get monthly, life-balance coaching calls for only $37 per month?

Nowhere that I know of!