Make Asking For Referrals A Top Priority

Girlfriends, ask for the referrals right away

Girlfriends, ask for the referrals the right way.

There is nothing stronger than a word-of-mouth referral. Human nature says we do business with people we know, like and trust.  So, an endorsement from a friend or family member is the most likely referral to convert from a lead or prospect into a bonafide client. You can sit back and wait for the referral to just flow in, or you can be proactive and ask for the referral.

Your customers likely hang out with others like them, so the referrals will immediately be excited about what you have to offer. They will likely already be members of your target audience. Most importantly, they will have a trust with you because of the referrer. In general, people are happy to help you out so you cannot be afraid or shy for asking. So how do you ask for a referral?

Here are ways to ask for the referral

  1. Start your initial discussion by including referrals. By bringing it up early you calm your nerves and will make your client more likely to follow through. It is simple, when you start the conversation with them, just say, “If I do a great job for you, will you tell others about me?” “I make my living from referrals, so if I do a great job, will you recommend me to others?” This works because it is balanced and low pressure. It gives them a choice to refer you based on your results. It also sets the expectation that, if you do a good job, they should be sending people your way.
  2. Ask for the referral just after a client finishing complimenting you on your service. If you catch them when they are delighted, you increase the change of them recommending you. “It is so great to hear you are pleased, what coworker is also looking to buy their first home”. There should be many times during the process that they are excited and the correct time to ask for a referral. When the appraisal comes in as expected, or underwriting approves the loan and obviously at closing is another time.  “Congrats on getting your loan approved today! I was wondering now that we have worked together, and you see how I do business, what friend do you know that is getting married soon and needs a new home?” However, do not stop there, you can ask them after you close when you do your follow up.  This is a great time to also invite them to any customer loyalty programs or clubs you make have.  You can pose your ask as a big favor. Make your client feel like a hero. People love to feel as though they are helping people.

After you receive a referral show your clients appreciation.  Always send a thank your card and you can include a small $5 gift card, like a coffee card. Multiple referrals up the game with a more substantial gift or lunch.

With true networking referrals you must return the favor when possible. This will keep you top-of-mind and give your referral source a reason to continue in sending you people.

Asking for referrals should become a top priority. Each referral expands your clientele and ultimately more business. Make this part of your daily routine.

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