Lies Loan Officers Tell Themselves about Networking!

Karen Deis & Victoria Del Frate discuss networking...

Karen: So, let me tell you my story –

I took a job as a regional branch manager for a mortgage company in Indianapolis. Other than the owner of the company, I did not know a soul.

He was a member of the Home Builders Association and asked me to tag along and attend one of their meetings to meet some of the builders.

Once we got there, the company owner introduced me to a couple of people and then proceeded to hang out at the bar with his cronies…and left me alone. Now remember, I did not know a single person in that room, and my boss was not going to help me, so I had a choice of sticking around or getting in my car and leaving.

Yeah, I stuck around and started to meet people, telling them that I’m new in town and started to ask them questions about their business. To make a long story short, about three months and a lot of networking later, I became one of the three preferred lenders for a builder who built about 800 homes a year.

Here’s the dealio. I was scared to death. My boss abandoned me. I did not know anyone and I could have just walked out. But I didn’t.

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