Leaders are Intentional

Girlfriends – Be intentional

A leader is always intentional. Bringing focus and attention to something that is important to you is being intentional. You need to be intentional every day. By being intentional you need to be clear and act on want you want to accomplish.

Start by being clear on the result you want and understand the importance of achieving it. When you have this level of emotional investment you will increase your engagement in accomplishing it and your intentionality will soar.

Be purposeful with your day. When you are clear about where you want to spend your time and energy each day you will be more likely to achieve the result you desire. With this clarity you will have direction for your day and will not waste time on non-relevant activities. Your daily focus should be on the top three activities that will get you toward that goal.

Once you are clear on your outcome and your why, you can start thinking about the “what”. This allows you to concentrate on the activities and relationships to achieve your goal and creates boundaries, so you become more intentional about when and where to invest your time.

In addition to being intentional with your goals be intentional with your most important relationships.

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