Ladies Who Launch – A Podcast Interview

VIP Member, Lori McCaghren (Frisco, Texas) invited me to a virtual meeting called “Ladies Who Launch”.  I became fascinated by the concept and how girlfriends might want to create their own group like this. Especially if there is a cause or charity that you are totally passionate about supporting.

In this 25-minute interview, Lori shares…

  • Why “Ladies Who Launch” was created
  • How they got members to join
  • How it went from lunch meetings to virtual meetings
  • Strategies on how you can create your own successful women’s group

The 25-minute interview is packed with information on how you can start your own group—either virtually or face-to-face.

If you are not a DIVA MEMBER of Mortgage Girlfriends, this is just a SAMPLE of the sales and marketing concepts we provide on a weekly basis, to our members.

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