It’s Time for Summer Fun

Girlfriends, it is important to make time for summer fun

Girlfriends, it is time for some summer fun.

Summer is supposed to fun, energetic and enjoyable. Yes, we still must work throughout the summer but in addition to taking some vacation time, let us make the work time fun too.   Did you just say, what vacation, I cannot take a vacation I have too much to do? This business is one of the worst for taking time off however, you need to do it.  If you do not have a team (another reason to have a team) team up with another loan officer.  You cover for them and they cover for you. That means really cover for each other.  Your voice mail says contact Susie Q if you need an answer.  The only person that can call you is Susie Q and it better be life or death.  You meet with them before you leave for that vacation and go over every detail on every loan.  You let your reliable business partners and customers know that Susie Q is handling everything while you are gone. You change your voice mail to say you are unavailable and Susie Q will be happy to assist and provide her contact information. Remember you will be doing that in return for her, so that week you will need to be available.

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